Domain Clamp is web based service that monitors your domains and SSL certificates and sends you notifications when anything is soon to expire.

  • Automatically pulls domain expiration dates from WHOIS records
  • Automatically pulls SSL expiration dates from stream connection
  • Runs nightly and notifies you if any of your domains or SSL certificates are soon to expire

Beyond the basics, Domain Clamp has many additional features which you are sure to love

  • Unique notification recipients for each domain you add
  • Configure the notification schedule differently for any domain in your account
  • Custom records to monitor license expiries or any other critical dates for your web based operation
  • Expiration dates update in your account if an update is detected during nightly checks

Domain Clamp is an essential tool for any interactive agency

If you register all your own domain and purchase all your SSL certificates yourself you likely don't need Domain Clamp.

However if you are accountable for the operation of websites and don't directly own the domains or SSL certificates Domain Clamp is for you.

A common use case is an interactive agency. While the agency may not own the domains and SSL certificates for their client's websites, they will more than likely be held accountable if anything expires. Domain Clamp solves this problem by sending the agency notifications, preventing embarassing and/or relationship damaging situations.

A variety of plans are available to suit your needs

Free Starter Pro Enterprise
Number of Domains 1 10 50 250
Number of Notifications (Per Domain) 6 6 12 24
Number of Notification Recipients (Per Domain) 1 1 3 20
Number of Custom Records (Per Domain) 0 0 1 3
Notification Start Date 30 days prior 60 days prior 90 days prior 365 days prior
Price (Monthly) $0 $7.99 $19.99 $49.99

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